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Travel to Portugal

Kyle Stanley and Kyle Wells 4This weekend we took a trip to Aveiro, Portugal. Stepping off the bus you can smell the fresh breeze from the sea which was really refreshing. We stayed at a nice hotel, and our room was on the fifth floor with a gorgeous view of the city. Since it was the 4th of July we decided to ‘go American’ and eat some really good burgers with ham, cheese, and mix of mayonnaise and ketchup. After lunch, we rode on the gondolas and we got to see the city from a different perspective and overall had a very good time.

The nKyle Stanley and Kyle Wells 3ext day we went to the beach which was really beautiful, but the water was really cold! We spent some of our time digging holes and burying people- I was one of the unlucky ones to be buried. For lunch we went to a seaside restaurant. We played soccer on the beach, raced one another, froze in the water, and had fun in the sun. We had a great time and I feel that the group became closer as friends.

– The above post was contributed by Kyle Stanley and Kyle Wells, who visited Aveiro, Portugal when they studied abroad with ISA High School in Salamanca, Spain in 2015.

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