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Cathedral in Sevilla, Spain

The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See is located in the middle of Sevilla and when visiting Sevilla, it’s one of the most breathtaking architectural innovations you’ll see. Influence from the Moors is evident in the architectural design of the cathedral. This Moorish style combined with many Gothic aspects creates the masterpiece that is this cathedral. The intricacy of the design is very evident as it took over 100 years to construct.

Cathedral PhotoThe high vaulted ceilings give the cathedral a very open feel, so it is easy to believe that it is the largest Gothic cathedral in all of Spain. The cathedral features a large courtyard upon entry and a 104 meter tall bell tower that was originally used several times a day by the Moors to call people to pray.  In order to reach the top of the tower, or the Giralda, the Moorish people rode their horses up 35 ramps to the top. The cathedral features 8 different doors, each door is dedicated to different people/purposes.

Overall, the cathedral was one of the most beautiful sights that we have seen in Spain. The attention to the detail of the design of the cathedral is very evident as the placement, size, and color all maximize symbolism and the Catholic beliefs.  A walk through the beautiful cathedral is a walk into the history of Sevilla.

– The above post and photos were contributed by Emma Hunter, Sarah Winston Nathan, and Corrin Courville, who studied abroad with ISA High School in Sevilla, Spain in 2015.

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