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Discovering Ronda


On Sunday, our group went to Ronda, Spain. We viewed the Puente Nuevo Bridge. It was incredible to see the bridge, and if we looked below we could see the Tajo River where the people from Ronda used to get their water. We also visited the Arab Baths that date back to the 13th and 14th centuries. We watched a video and our tour guide told us a lot of information about the baths. It was interesting to learn about the three rooms. The hottest room was closest to the fire and served as a sauna. The second room was more of a social area, where the people of Ronda could relax and socialize. The final room, which was the furthest from the fire, was the coldest room, and was a bathing area with cooler water.


Students in the stands.

Another place we visited was the bull ring. Here we learned about bull fights and got to see where the bulls are kept before they enter the arena. We also were able to see the different outfits that the bullfighters wore as well as examples of what audience members wore to the bullfight. We really enjoyed our visit to Ronda and getting the chance to see the all of the beautiful views.

– The above post and photos were contributed by Hannah Herrold and Hailey Herrold, who visited Ronda while abroad with ISA High School in Malaga, Spain.

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