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Exploring Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve in Costa Rica

Cloudforest shot 2

After a long bus ride into the mountains of Costa Rica, we stopped at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve to experience the flora and fauna that this country is known for. Our walk through the cloud forest began fairly easy, but turned into more of a hike with steep hills and stairs that had us panting.

Along the way though, there were great “ventanas,” or windows, where we could see the valleys and towns of Costa Rica from above. We saw beautiful birds and plants with the largest leaves we had ever seen. When we reached the top observation deck, a heavy rain began, making the hike back pretty soaked and slippery.

About halfway back, everyone was getting muddy, so we decided to have a bit of fun on the soaked trail. We splashed each other with mud and shared lots of laughs. By the end of the hike it was clear that our walk in a cold and wet forest had turned into an exciting and memorable afternoon.

Cloudforest Excursion– The above post was contributed by Morgan Rising, who studied abroad with ISA High School in Heredia, Costa Rica in 2015. Morgan Rising took classes at the Universidad Latina for college credit, and volunteered at La Carpio, an impoverished community on the Global Impact portion of her program. Morgan became an ISA High School Featured Blogger upon being awarded a Social Media Scholarship.

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