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Living in Salamanca, Spain

Jamal & TrevorOur favorite things in Salamanca are the different types of food and tastes that are not in America. We enjoy how everything is close together and we can walk to different places very easily. We enjoy how everything is less expensive than in the United States. Also, the culture and people here are very interesting and fun to learn about.

With that being said, the heat at night that makes it difficult to sleep, and is definitely something we had to get used to. Communication is difficult in the home at first, however it helps us to study Spanish all the time. Overall, Salamanca is a great and beautiful place to live in and we would recommend it to anyone trying to visit España. – Jamal Richmond and Trevor Dilla

Ray & Nick & Kevin3Our trip to Spain has been so fun. Our favorite part so far has been living in Salamanca for 3 weeks. The food is here very good and there are lots of things to do in the city. Meeting new people and living with our host families has been an adventure. Our host families are very nice to us and living with them is definitely very different than home. Getting to know locals has made the city easier to navigate and more fun. Although it is challenging having to speak Spanish all day since it’s not our native language, it has made our Spanish better. We have especially loved being able to experience the excursions we all went on and the fun we had – in particulargoing to Aveiro and Santander. – Kevin Prophet, Nicholas Karl, and Raymond Lewis

– The above post was contributed by Jamal, Trevor, Kevin, Nick, and Ray, who studied abroad with ISA High School in Salamanca, Spain during the summer of 2015.

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