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Beach Day in Cadiz

This weekend we traveled to the beautiful town of Cádiz. This trip was well needed, for the weather in Granada was getting hotter and hotter by the day. As we left Gibraltar [after our day trip there] and started our voyage to Cádiz, the excitement grew as we began to see “la playa”.

Within five minutes of arriving to Cádiz, we all grabbed our beach necessities and ran to the ocean. That night we all went out to dinner on the beach and marveled at the beautiful sun setting on the ocean. We later walked around town and got a feel for the life in Cádiz.

The next morning, we went to visit the world famous watchtower, Torre Tavira. In the watchtower, we came across a “camera obscura”, which is a mirror that reflects LIVE images of the city on to a curved canvas. This was one of the most interesting contraptions I have ever come across. We climbed some stairs to the top of the tower and looked at a panoramic view of the town. The view was breathtaking.

Jemma Baus - MiradorAfter the tour, once again, we all ran to the beach to enjoy the sun and refreshing water from the Atlantic Ocean. This excursion to Cádiz was a great time to sit and enjoy the sun while reminiscing on all the fun times our group has had together.

– The above post was contributed by Jemma Baus, who studied abroad with ISA High School during the summer of 2015. Jemma visited Cadiz during a weekend e xcursion with her group on the Granada, Spain program.

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