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Finding Friends in Salamanca, Spain

Our favorite part of this trip has been hanging out with our friends [in Salamanca.] We came here completely alone, but we made friends instantly at the airport. Since we have people on our program from all over America, we’ve learned as much about the culture of the U.S., as we have of Spain. We’ve all become really close and the friends we’ve made here are friends we’re going to keep for the rest of our lives.  We hang out almost everyday, going shopping, hanging out the pool, and going out to dinner. Everyone is so eager to experience the culture; we can always go to a museum or hang out at a cafe. It’s definitely different experiencing the culture with friends than it is experiencing it with your family.Logan and Alex Blog Photo 3

Not only do we cherish our new American friends, but we’ve come to know and love our new Spanish friends as well. They give us insight into foods, places, and slang that only a local would know. They also know that we’ve come here to practice our Spanish, and aren’t afraid to correct us. It’s extremely easy to make friends here. We definitely are not afraid of walking up to people in the plaza and starting a conversation with them. Spaniards are a laid-back people, and especially here in Salamanca, they love to share their culture, language, and heritage with anyone and everyone that would like to know more.

– The above post was contributed by Logan Kortgard and Alex Kaish, who studied abroad at the Universidad de Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain during the summer of 2015 with ISA High School. 

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