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Daily Life in Peru

IMG_1487The class is over! But so is Clark and Micaela’s time with us. [Micaela and Clark participated on the shorter program and left before the Global Impact portion.] This was a very busy week. School felt like a crunch, but I can partly attribute that to my poor planning.

The best part about this week was definitely the salsa classes, which were a lot of fun. The Inca salt mines were very interesting, and so was the alpaca wool demonstration. The bracelet making was also very entertaining. The food this week was very good- we went to a lot of local restaurants, and found I really like ice cream and Cuy (guinea pig). The trip to the arcade with the intermediate Spanish class was really fun!  All and all, this week was stressful, but I’m still sad its gone.

IMG_1153– The above post was contributed by Ethan Hoggard, who studied abroad in Cusco, Peru with ISA High School in 2015. Ethan participated on the 4-week-long program, in which he was able to take classes for college credit for the first two weeks, and then help a community in need by participating in a service program during the second half of the program. For more information on our volunteer programs, called Global Impact Programs, visit our website by clicking this link.

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