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From Spain to the UK with Northern Africa on the Horizon: Gibraltar

With tired eyes and bocadillos in hand, we embarked on our journey to Gibraltar at seven in the morning. After our long bus ride, we finally filed off the bus with groggy grunts that quickly turned to “oohs” and “aws” as we caught sight of the famous rock of Gibraltar.

We first viewed the ocean from a viewing point at the base of the rock. We could see the foggy mountains of Northern Africa to our left and an Andalusian town to our right. With the British flag waving high over our heads it felt as if we were in three places at once. The cool wind blew with a ferocity that I wish the warm air in Granada had.

We proceeded to make our way up the rock via a bus tour. The views from atop the rock were impressive. However, even more impressive were the wild monkeys freely roaming around tourists. The monkeys perched themselves on the street, on trash cans, and on fences.Darinelle J. Merced-Calderon - Chicas

After snapping numerous pictures of the candid monkeys, we went into the rock of Gibraltar. We entered a cave that seemed to have colossal icicles made of stone hanging from the ceiling, like chandeliers. Inside the temperature was perfect. All the colors of the rainbow were projected in the cave through lighting. Next, we proceeded walking down the rock, taking in the incredible surroundings.

Once the bus tour around the rock of Gibraltar ended, we were allotted free time. My friends and me ate the stereotypical British lunch; fish and chips. After consuming our delicious meals and relishing our waitress’ British accent, we walked around the town and shopped. As we all boarded the bus to head to Cadiz, we collectively sighed, wishing we could spend just one more day in beautiful Gibraltar.

Darinelle Merced-Calderon visited Gibraltar as part of a weekend excursion while she was studying abroad in Granada, Spain with ISA High School during the summer of 2015.

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