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Kayaking on the Guadalquivir River

Morgan and Jessica - Kayaking 1Kayaking on the Guadalquivir River was an overall fun experience. When we got to the starting point, we split up into pairs of two and chose our kayaks. After putting our life jackets on and listening to the instructions on how to use the paddles, we set off into the river on our kayaks. Through this kayaking experience, we got to tour the city of Seville from the water. We passed many viewpoints such as the Triana Bridge and Los Remedios Bridge and saw the beautiful buildings that line the river. During the tour, the pairs of kayakers raced each other to see who was the fastest and were splashed with a water gun thanks to Jose (one of the directors).

After reaching a certain point in the tour, we turned around and started to play a few games. We lined up our kayaks to make a huge raft and picked two people from opposite ends to stand up and run across all the kayaks to sit in the other persons spot. During this game, multiple people fell into the water and flipped their kayaks. After the games, we headed back to the starting point. Jose and one of the tour guides gave many people rides by holding onto our kayaks while they sped off in their motor boat. Unfortunately, the water spewing up from the motor boat got into the kayaks and made them sink. After the tour was over and our arms were hurting from the constant paddling, wedocked our kayaks so the next group could use them. We learned that kayaking is not as easy as it looks and takes a lot of arm muscle.

– The above post was contributed by Morgan Marrs and Jessica Shonbeck, who studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain with ISA High School during the summer of 2015. 

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