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Blog 2 of week 2

A typical Spanish breakfast.

Food. I can’t get enough of the Spanish food here in Granada. Everything in Spain seems so much more delicious. The fruits are juicier, the meat is richer, and the bread is crispier. Walking around on the streets you can’t help but be tempted by all the great smells that surround you. There is an ice cream shop on every corner and bakeries everywhere.

Blog 2 of week 2 (1)

Paella in Granada, Spain.

The average eating schedule for a Spaniard is much different than that in America. For breakfast an average Spaniard doesn’t eat much.; a coffee and a slice of toast, or churros and chocolate is the ideal breakfast.


Lunch is the biggest meal of the day. This is when the whole family usually comes together and eats a huge homemade meal. My favorite lunch so far has been Paella which is a Spanish dish of rice and vegetables with some type of protein, which is usually fish. After lunch most stores are closed and Spaniards go home and enjoy their siesta, or nap.

Blog 2 of week 2 (2)For dinner, something light is usually eaten. This might include a drink and a tapa, like tortilla Española–which is a Spanish omelet. Additionally, the sun doesn’t set till very late so most Spaniards don’t even eat dinner until 9:30 or 10 o’clock.

– The above post and photos were contributed by Eden Shemuelian, who studied abroad with ISA High School during the summer of 2015. Eden fell in love with Spanish cuisine while in Granada, Spain during a three-week-long program.

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