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Cultural Exchange in Costa Rica

Cultural ExchangeThe cultural exchange allowed us to converse with Costa Rican students from the Universidad Latina, here in Heredia. Five students from the university came to the cultural exchange. We played a game called “Sabelo todo”. This game consisted of four teams, and each team had to role dice to move and had to answer a question on the space they landed on.

The questions consisted of five categories; Geography, Art, History, Sports, and Entertainment. Some of the questions rewarded teams a puzzle piece and each team had to collect all five puzzle pieces in order to win. Some of the questions were so difficult that it took teams 10 or more minutes to answer them.

We played this game until the pizza arrived. At this time, no team had received more than two puzzle pieces because of the difficult nature of the game. When the pizza finally arrived, the game ended and everyone conversed together while eating pizza. This time allowed us to learn about and talk to the Costa Rican students and lasted until we dispersed to go to our Spanish classes.

– The above blog post and photo were contributed by Grant Stanley and Bryce Badaruddin, who studied abroad with ISA High School in in 2015.

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