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Boats and Caves in Lagos, Portugal


This past weekend, Sevilla 3 had our excursion to Lagos, Portugal.  Although it was very different from Spain, everyone appreciated the different culture and sights. Our first activity in Lagos was a boat ride and tour of the caves. The water was bright blue and the sky was clear. The caves were amazing and were extremely unique. The tour guide showed us many different shapes within the rocks and how each cave represented something different and new. After the tour of the caves, we were allowed to jump in the water. It was hot outside, and the water was ice cold and refreshing. Many were reluctant to get in, but after the jump, they regretted nothing. It was surreal to be in swimming around in the most beautiful waters. Leaving Lagos was very sad because we all had such a great time but we were also all eager to return to our homes in Sevilla. – Isabella Zorich and Celine Patel

After a few hours of free time in the Main Plaza of Lagos we made our way to the marina. We boarded a sailboat, and made our way to what would be one of the most breathtaking experiences of our lives. We sailed over the clear blue waters for about an hour before we finally came to a stop, and prepared to board a smaller boat. The natural caves were stunning. Lagos 1We weaved in and out of the picturesque openings of the cliffs, all the while marveling at the possibility of such beautiful architecture happening so naturally.

Meanwhile, as the small groups were exploring the caves, everyone who was left back on the sailboat experienced the bright blue, frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Once all of the students had made their ways back to the sailboat, we journeyed to the port. From the port, we returned to hotel for a little resting before setting off to watch the sunset from a cliff over the Atlantic Ocean. – Grace Rogers, Liza Esther, and Sarah Snyder

– The above post and photos were contributed by Isabella, Celine, Grace, Liza, and Sarah, who studied abroad with ISA High School in 2015. The students visited Lagos, Portugal during an excursion away from their host city of Sevilla, Spain.

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