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Summer Camp Experience in Italy

IMG_2767 One day we were presented with the opportunity to go to this summer camp to hang out with some kids and help with a few activities. It was a nice surprise and the counselors were really excited to meet us. I personally didn’t get a clear idea of what we were going to be doing until we actually got there. I was surprised to see that it was a full blown summer camp and we were going to be helping the counselors with the games.

All the people we met were really nice and they even made t-shirts for us that had our names on them. We changed into the shirts and made our way to the group. The first activity we did was a game where you soak a foam ball in water and place it on a towel that four people are holding by the corners. Once the ball is in the middle of the towel, you use the towel to throw the ball to the people across from you. They will be holding a towel by the corners and they have to try to catch the ball. We helped out by fetching the balls that went everywhere and even got to play too.

The next activity was a bit like musical chairs concept wise. There is a circle of people holding hands like a gate and more people inside holding hands like the inside of a maze. Trains of four people will run inside and out and then back in and out again repeatedly until the music stops. If you are still inside when the music stops you’re out. If you aren’t you go on to play another round.

IMG_2779The last game was snake. You would start off with trains of four people, but when you go around and reach the beginning again more groups of four get added to your train. You weave through the cones and the train keeps getting longer and longer. We were able to converse with the kids a little, and the guys in our group had a full conversation with some local boys.

At the end we listened to a couple speakers about Africa (as that was the topic of the camp). The counselors then turned on the music and there was a mini dance party. When everyone was leaving there was gelato available. I’ll admit at first I was hesitant as to how much I was going to enjoy it, but I had a really good time and I think everyone else did too.

– The above post was contributed by Elise Castelli, who studied abroad with ISA High School at the Sant’Anna Institute in Sorrento, Italy in 2015. Students in Italy have many opportunities to practice their Italian skills with local people and students.


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