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Adventures in Aviero

IMG-20150713-WA0001One of the excursions that we went on with ISA High School was to Aveiro, Portugal. It was a beautiful city with many things to do and a lot of culture. You can tell by the way the buildings are structured, and the typical activities such as the Gondolas (traditional boats used to go around the city), and the Ovos Moles (a traditional Portuguese dessert) that there is a lot of history integrated within this town.

We were also fortunate enough to be taught how to make the popular Ovos Moles. It was interesting to see the hard work that is put into making these desserts. The original ones were made by first making a soft yet durable outside shell with sugar, water, and flour.  IMG-20150713-WA0000This outer shell was put into molds to make shell shaped containers. Second, the creamy inside was made with egg yolk, sugar, water and a few other ingredients. This filling was put inside the shell compressed shut.  I was also able to makeone myself!

Later that evening, we were taken on a Gondola tour and were shown the beautiful town of Aveiro from the water canals throughout the city. Not only can you do all these activities, but there are many good restaurants and places to shop if you want a break from sight seeing! On the second day we were let free at the beautiful (yet windy) beach of Aveiro. The sand and water were picture perfect. Despite a few sunburns, this excursion was very fun and one that we will never forget!

– The above post was contributed by Julia Parsley and Natalia Camp-Nuñez. Julia and Natalia visited Aviero during a weekend excursion with their ISA High School program in Salamanca, Spain.

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