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The Flavorful Food of Spain

The Flavor of Spain Photos 2

Dinner with a view.

To celebrate our first week of school my ISA High School group ate at a restaurant on the beach called Chiringuito Paradise last night. It is located right on the beach and has a clear view of the ocean!

The Flavor of Spain Photos 1To start off our celebratory meal, we ordered a cold soup called gazpachoGazpacho, a tomato based soup, is composed of many raw vegetables and even has pieces of bread! Many Spainards eat gazpacho in the summer because it is refreshing in the hot weather. Next, for our main meal we had paella. Our paella, a rice dish, was made up of vegetables and chicken. It was amazing!!!

Lastly for dessert, we had churros and chocolate. The churros were the size of my arm! They also came with a bowl of hot, melted chocolate. Tomorrow I am hoping to try tortilla española which is like a Spanish omelet!

– The above blog post was contributed by Caroline Ramirez, who studied abroad with ISA High School in Malaga, Spain. Caroline was an ISA High School featured blogger, and a recipient of one the ISA High School Social Media Scholarships in 2015.

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