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Gibraltar Monkeys

Our first destination in Gibraltar while on the bus tour was stopping to see the monkeys (Barbary Macaques). Getting to watch these monkeys roam free and get face to face with us was a very unique, exciting experience. The light brown monkeys that came in ranges of sizes were not the least bit shy when it came to interacting with us- they even took my water bottle!

We watched the trainer feed the monkeys their daily snacks and they told us that in order to keep the monkeys tame and calm, they have to be fed regularly- they don’t want any monkey business! The monkeys were a site to see in Gibraltar and we recommend it to anyone at any age.

The Caves

Our tour guide told us that many different occasions are held in this cave. From concerts, to parties, you name it! The cave was damp and cool, but such a blast! Right outside the cave was were the monkeys were located. The caves are found on the inside of the Gibraltar Rock. There are many different caves scattered through out the rock.

Seeing Africa

On our way up to the rock, we stopped at the lighthouse that looks over the ocean. Our tour guide informed us that from that spot you can see the beaches of Spain and a mountain in Africa! At first we didn’t believe it but sure enough we saw it.

– The above blog post and photos were contributed by Laily Mortazavi, Sydney Beckham, and Mollie Naegeli, who studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain in 2015. They traveled to Gibraltar as part of their ISA High School program during a weekend excursion.


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