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First Days in Spain – Madrid and Toledo

I’ve been in Spain for only three days so far, but I can definitely say that I am already in love. We spent our first two days in Madrid, and I can not believe how gorgeous the city is. All the architecture is so pretty, and there are so many great places to go to! We had a bus tour and saw the whole town, then after, we visited the art museum and la Reina Sofia. There are so many places to go shopping, and I had to stop myself from buying the whole city.

IMG_0597The next morning we drove down to Toledo, and my high expectations were exceeded. Toledo is not as busy of a town as Madrid, but in my opinion, it was even better. Everything had so much history behind it, and the town was so beautifully constructed. Everything about the city was gorgeous. We visited a synagogue, and even the fourth biggest church in the world. Tomorrow we will be heading to Granada to meet our host parents and settle into our new homes for the next two and a half weeks. I can’t wait!

– The above post was contributed by Eden Shemuelian, who studied abroad with ISA High School in Granada during the summer of 2015. Eden traveled to Madrid and Toledo on the first few days of her program with the other students in her group, before going to Granada, Spain to meet her host family.

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