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Final Day in Malaga, Spain

Caroline R- Arab Baths To celebrate our last day in Málaga, our group took a trip with our leaders to the Arab baths! There were five baths. Out of the five, two were cold, two were hot, and the last one was lukewarm. The lukewarm pool was by far the largest and was underneath the decorated ceiling with natural lighting. There was even a sauna room and a place to drink tea! It was the most relaxing place I have ever been to and it got even better when I realized that our group got massages!

Caroline R - Malaga GroupIt was a great way to end our week and cleanse our bodies. After that, my friends and I went to a cafe called Noviembre where we ordered some of the best crepes we have ever had. Now I am currently on the train to Madrid where I will depart to go the U.S. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful opportunities I had and people I met on this adventure. I had so much fun emerging myself into Spanish culture. My Spanish speaking skills have come so far since the beginning of this trip and I am so proud of what I could accomplish here. I made some really great friends and had such a great host family. I can not wait to do another ISA High School study abroad program!

– The above blog post was contributed by Caroline Ramirez, who studied abroad with ISA High School during the summer of 2015 in Malaga, Spain. Caroline was an ISA High School Featured Blogger. For more information about an ISA High School program, check out our website at

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