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Biodiversity in Costa Rica

A Visit to INBioparque

On the first of July our group embarked on our first cultural activity in Costa Rica: discovering the country’s extremely rich and special biodiversity. It gave us a great introduction to all the beauty Costa Rica has to offer. We walked through various rain forests spotting iguanas, sloths, birds, and many plants with very unique adaptations. We visited a tarantula exhibit as well as a butterfly, snake, and frog exhibit. Before leaving we had the chance to meet some goats and a pig, as well as precious little bunnies. There was even a medicinal herb garden.

There were various recycling stations throughout the park, as well as a composting bin! We were all pleasantly surprised to see how eco-friendly Costa Rica is. Despite the desire to stay longer and learn even more, plenty of information stuck in our brains and made us realize how truly fascinating the country is. Like our tour guide said in Spanish “Los Ticos no son ricos en esmeralda o aceite, pero son muy ricos en el biodiversidad” (Costa Ricans are not rich in emerald or oil, but they are very rich in biodiversity). This made us realize how truly important and vital this country is to our entire planet. Without Costa Rica, we would lose 6% of our entire worlds biodiversity!

The above post was contributed by Claudia Montaner, Alex Barr, Eden Shemuelian, and Annie LaMuraglia, who went abroad with ISA High School in Heredia, Costa Rica during the summer of 2014.

Bailey Deitch Heredia 1

Photo by Bailey Deitch; Heredia, Costa Rica. (2014)

INBioparque is a “one-stop introduction to Costa Rica, offering an interactive experience through its ecological park.” It is a creation of the National Institute of Biodiversity (INBio), which is a non-profit association whose mission is “to promote a greater awareness of the value of biodiversity, thereby ensuring its conservation and improving the quality of life of human beings.”

For more information about INBio and INBioparque, check out their website by clicking here.

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