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Reflection on a Fun Weekend

B Barineau Blog 4

We had lots of fun in Gibraltar and Cadiz on one of our weekend excursions. We started the weekend by getting on a bus to Gibraltar. Once everyone got out of bed and to the bus at 7:30 am, we headed to Gibraltar. When we arrived, everyone went through customs because we were entering British territory!

We took a quick tour of the city and the rock of Gibraltar In the rock there were lots of monkeys and caves. B Barineau Blog 1We took a tour of St. Michael’s cave. Once we left the cave, we took lots of pictures of monkeys and of the spectacular view. We drove down the mountain to a small square where a food festival was taking place, and some the people from the program tried the food in the various tents.

That afternoon, we left Gibraltar to head over to Cadiz. As soon as we  arrived, everyone ran to the beach to swim and relax. Some girls stayed at the beach to watch the sunset. In the morning, we went to a tower where you could climb to the top and see all of Cadiz. After the tower, most of the students returned to the beach for a bit more relaxation before it was time to say goodbye and go to Seville.

B Barineau Blog 2We were told that there was a bull fight that night; straight from the bus everyone went to see the fight. The fight was gross for some of the girls, but the boys enjoyed it. Although it was a bit hard to watch, bullfights are a Sevillan tradition, and we were glad to have been able to experience it.

– The above post was contributed by Blair Barineau, who studied abroad with ISA High School in Sevilla, Spain in 2015. Her program traveled to Gibraltar and Cadiz on one of their weekend excursions. For more information about ISA High School programs, check out the website at

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