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Strut Like You Mean it; Making the Most out of a Bad Situation

Eden Blog 3, blog 2 (2) - EdenI had a pretty interesting experience during my 3 week stay in Spain this summer: American Airlines lost my luggage (and still has not found it). At first, I panicked and I was so stressed out by the whole situation. But now, looking back at it, I would not want to lose my luggage while in any other country but Spain.

Spanish/European fashion is by far the best in the whole world. Everyone in Spain dresses nicely. I have not yet seen anyone dressed in leggings or a t-shirt. Therefore, I took my lost luggage as an opportunity to change up my wardrobe and dress like a true European. Especially now that it is sale season here in Spain, it was really easy for me to find cheap, cute clothes that followed the Spanish trends. Although it was really annoying to not have any of my own clothes with me, I had a fun (although sometimes stressful) time shopping for new outfits by the day in the most stylish country in the world.

– The above blog post was contributed by Eden Shemeulian, who studied abroad with ISA High School in Granada, Spain in 2015.

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