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Learning to Cook Traditional Spanish Food in Malaga, Spain

Caroline_Ramirez_cooking_03Last week, my group in Málaga, Spain met up at the ISA Office for a cooking class for Spanish dishes. Our instructor, taught us how to prepare and cook paella, tortillas de patatas, and gazpacho! The paella, or rice dish, was by far my favorite because it contained chicken along with peppers and other vegetables.

For tortilla de patatas, we fried the potatos and onions on the stove and later combined it with egg. Shaking the pan slightly, we achieved a perfect round tortilla de patatas. It was amazing!

Then for gazpacho, we put tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, water, and bread in a blender to create the perfect gazpacho! We blended it until we got a desired red color and consistency. Since the soup was cold, it was definitely one of the most different things I have ever tasted….but I am glad I had the opportunity to try out these interesting Spanish foods!

– The above blog post was contributed by Caroline Ramirez, who studied abroad with ISA High School in Malaga, Spain during the summer of 2015. While abroad, students in Malaga live with host families, take Spanish classes (for college credit!), travel on the weekends, and participate in cultural activities (such as the one discussed above)! Interested in learning more about an ISA High School program? Check out our website by visiting

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