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Volunteering in La Carpio: Week Two

La Carpio Blog PhotoOur second week of volunteering was filled with fun activities along with enriching volunteer opportunities. In La Carpio, we played with the kids and painted the houses different colors and included designs. We painted more than last week because the kids had started school again. At the beginning of everyday we would sit down with the kids and color all sorts of beautiful drawings. The kids are so creative and really enjoy coloring us playing with them, coloring themselves, etc.

It was very fun painting and never took too long to finish one house because of all the volunteers helping out. On a few of the houses, we decided to paint flowers, splatter paint, put hand prints, and make it look even more unique. All of the houses with paint really stand out in La Carpio. We think people enjoy having their house painted because it makes the neighborhood more colorful, unique, and inspiring to the children and inhabitants.

Volcan Poas

Photo by Morgan Rising; Costa Rica, 2015.

On Wednesday morning, we drove to the Parque Nacional Volcan Poas. When we got to the volcano we all walked as a group up to the crater and took some pictures, yet the clouds covered most of the view, which made it hard for us to see anything at all. Our director warned us that if the weather was not very good, that we would not be able to see a view, or anything at all. We began our hike and reached the first point, where we did not have a great view again, due to the clouds.

Emma Julia and Madeline Blog Photo 2As a group we decided to hike up further, even if we couldn’t see the entire view. After hiking up the next trail the clouds began to clear up- we got to see the whole crater and surroundings! We took many group pictures and started back down the trail. We got to see a lot more as we went down, due to the fog and clouds clearing up. After finishing our hike, we looked around at all the souvenirs including post cards. As soon as everyone got what they wanted we all got back on the bus and headed back to Heredia.

We had free time that afternoon; some people went to the mall, some went to eat, and others just went back to their home. For most of us, it was our last night eating dinner at home with our family. Our host mom prepared a delicious meal with many different types of foods. The last week in Costa Rica has definitely gone by the fastest. Each day is so much fun no matter what we are doing. All three of us think that both weeks were equally as fun and entertaining. We all loved the ISA High School Program and definitely would look forward to doing it again!

Emma David, Julia Irr, and Madeline Spence volunteered abroad with ISA High School while living in Heredia, Costa Rica in 2015. For more information about volunteering on an ISA High School Global Impact program, visit our website at:


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