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Adventures on the Almafi Coast


Amalfi brings amazing sights into the eager eyes of tourists from all over the world. The stores, waterfront, and historical sites allow for activities for every type of person. The city was bustling with life, and the Southern Italian culture was encountered in every new turn. Amalfi was amazing, and we would strongly suggest visiting it if you are presented the opportunity.

IMG_2843The small, steep streets of Positano were covered in petite shops filled with Italian made gifts and clothing. The large church in the center of the square provided a great landmark in case you lost your way winding through the side streets and flights of stairs that connect everything on this wonderful town built on a hill.

Ravello was a beautiful place that seemed saved from the troubles of modern times. Placed at the top of a mountain, you were able to look down and see the other small villages below, along with the ocean. From there, we were able to walk to the main square where we could see countless fields of citrus trees. The town itself was very quaint and we found this small store that sold necklaces with glass pendants and glass rings. The town was full of roads that were tucked away and each one led to a different part of the town, each piece as stunning as the last.

image2– The above post was contributed by Fernando Young, Michael Cadwalader, and Evan Llewelyan who studied abroad with ISA High School in Sorrento, Italy in 2015. Evan, Fernando, and Michael traveled to the Amalfi Coast on a weekend excursion with their program.

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