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Finding Favorites Abroad: Café Berysa

Berysa is more than just a café. To limit its title to this would undermine its cultural importance to the lives of many who visit it. It is not merely a place where one goes to eat or maybe drink, it is a cultural experience. Its location in the Plaza Mayor exposes its clients to the primary gathering place and the old heart of the city. Sitting in Berysa and watching the people around you dance and sing in Spanish is a truly different experience from anything one could experience in America. After visiting the café a few times, the waiters began to recognize us and know our orders. “¿Café con leche?” eventually became the greeting, and Jake would merely nod his head while I frantically screamed after the waiter for a water and ice cream. – Daniel Eisgruber

Daniel and Jake Blog Post

Although Café Berysa is a little more expensive than most cafés in Salamanca, we chose to go there almost every night because of the ambiance. Every night there is a band at Berysa that always attracts a massive crowd. It is fun to sit and listen to the band. Danny and I could not leave Berysa until the band played “A Mi Manera” which was always the last song of the night. It was also fun to sit at Berysa and watch the plaza light up every night. Going to Berysa will be one of the best memories we have from this trip and if we ever return to Salamanca we will definitely want to revisit Berysa. – Jacob Kocan

– The above blog post was contributed by Daniel Eisgruber and Jacob Kocan, who studied abroad with ISA High School in Salamanca, Spain in 2015.

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