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First Impressions of Málaga

image2So far, my first few days of staying in Málaga have been filled with new and exciting events. On Sunday, My ISA High School group arrived in Málaga, Spain and we went directly to the Town Hall Palace to meet our new families. My best friend and I quickly met our new homestay mom and I instantly knew that my new home would be a perfect fit. She showed us around the apartment and especially pointed out the view of the beautiful beach.

My friend, Nicole, and I went to check out the beach. There were people everywhere and multiple ice cream stands which we definitely tried out! The waves were extremely calm and the beach was so clean and beautiful. Later in the day, we met up with some of our new ISA friends and had tapas (Spanish appetizers) at a restaurant on the beach called Chiringuito Paradise. We tried new foods such as paella and gazpacho which were tasty and very flavorful. Overall, I had a great first day and I got to take a small peek at everything Málaga offers. I can’t wait to see what I do next!

– The above blog post was contributed by Caroline Ramirez, who is currently studying abroad with ISA High School in Malaga, Spain. Caroline is a Featured Blogger, and winner of an ISA High School Social Media Scholarship. Keep checking back to keep up with Caroline’s experiences abroad!

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