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Volcanic Activity in Costa Rica

image (4)Last weekend , July 11 2015, we had our second excursion to the beautiful Arenal. It is located in Costa Rica’s northern lowlands. Until 2010, the volcano was the most active in Costa Rica. Arenal spewed enormous amounts of lava, gas and ash on regular basis. That eruptic cycle, which started in 1968, ended recently. In October 2010 Arenal entered into a indeterminate resting phase, but this could change within matters of months or years. There were loads of fun activities in Arenal including horseback riding, wild water rafting, fishing to name a few. The hotel that we stayed in was very unique and was themed around the rain forest. There were loads of pools- warm and cool where we relaxed and spent a lot of our time.

Saturday afternoon our group hiked to the base of the 70 meter La Fortuna waterfall. Despite the temperature of the water, we had fun swimming in the stream near the falls. Our photographs could not encapsulate the beauty of the nature we saw before our eyes!

One of the many “only in Costa Rica” moments was experienced while repelling down rocks and waterfalls during our Sunday morning excursion. Wearing harnesses and helmets we repelled and zip-lined our way through the forest. By the end of the adventure we were soaked with satisfaction from all that we did during the morning. We can easily say that this was anexperience we will never forget!

Our weekend was so fun and we can’t wait for what our next weekend entails in Monteverde.

– The above post was contributed by Kyra Boogert and Kristen Kozar who volunteered abroad in Costa Rica on an ISA High School Global Impact program in 2015.

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