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Weekly Activities in Granada, Spain

Lauren Elizabeth Stafford - VentanaOn our second day in Granada, the ISA High School group hiked all the way to the Alhambra. After completing the walk up the hill we began our four-hour tour over the Muslim fortress. This amazing fortress was built in 889 but was not well-known until Mohammed ben Al-Ahmar rebuilt it in the mid- 11th century, transforming it into a palace. In 1333, Yusuf I converted the Alhambra into a royal palace. The Islamic places of the Alhambra were built for the last Muslim emirs in Spain and the court of the Nasrid dynasty.

We also saw the beautiful gardens that were filled with roses and were located where the top looks out over the city and the whole palace. The numerous fountains scattered throughout the palace created a very peaceful ambiance. Every room in the palace included a fountain that led into the center of the building where a large fountain is located. The rooms also had intricate designs on the ceilings and walls. These rooms had large windows that let light in and overlooked the grounds. Our group stopped and took lots of pictures from the lookout points and we were absolutely amazed by the view. This trip to the Alhambra and the memories we made were absolutely worth the long walk. – Lauren Stafford

Adler Joseph Weil - Jard+¡nes

We went to the Parque de las Ciencias (science museum) of Granada. Once in the museum we sat down for a quick lunch before exploring the exhibits. The museum is mostly hands-on exhibits that explain various scientific and historical information. We saw a cultural exhibit about Granada where we learned of the city’s history and origins while looking at a small to-scale model of Granada.

We then went to the observatory where we got a beautiful view of the entire city with the mountains. Following that we finished up our visit with a bird show where we saw different types of owls Falcons and vultures. As they flew around we learned about each of them, where they lived, and their eating habits. This trip to the museum was very fun and informational and a good way to spend our afternoon! – Adler Weil

– The above post was contributed by Adler Weil and Lauren Stafford, who studied abroad with ISA High School in Granada, Spain, during the summer of 2015. They visited the museum and the Alhambra as cultural activities during the week. For more information about studying abroad in Granada, Spain, visit the ISA High School website at:

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  1. Connie Miller #

    The well written article brought the places you visited come alive in my mind. Really makes me want to go there for a visit.

    August 2, 2015

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