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Isla Tortugas – Costa Rica

IMG_2394Our Friday excursion to Isla Tortugas may have had us all whining about the 6:30 am meeting time, but it was completely worth it. Following a fantastic weekend at Playa Tamarindo, our group couldn’t wait to return to the beach again, and this was the perfect opportunity. We took an hour-long bus ride to a small town on the Pacific Coast, where we boarded a large catamaran and set sail for Islas Tortugas.

Our catamaran, complete with a hot tub, karaoke, and dancing took us past vacant, natural islands into the clearer waters of Islas Tortugas. The island seemed completely untouched other than the beach area’s souvenir shop and tables for eating and lying around. Optional activities included snorkeling, paddle boarding, fishing, and jet skiing, making our day at the island even more exciting.

When we snorkeled at Tamarindo we didn’t see too many fish, but at Tortugas, we swam through schools of neon-colored fish, occasionally catching a glimpse of a much larger, more rare species. We returned to shore for a complimentary lunch cooked right on the island. IMG_2393We enjoyed native fish, chicken, and Costa Rican rice all while watching parrots, small pigs, and feather-footed Chickens roam the beach.

The rest of the afternoon was spent enjoying the sun and blue waters, and as a storm began to brew in the distance, we once again boarded the Catamaran and headed back to the mainland. As we all gathered inside the boat’s cabin to avoid the rain, dancing began and passengers stepped up for karaoke. On the bus ride back to Heredia, the group smiled at pictures from the day or fell fast asleep, thankful for another fun and adventurous day in Costa Rica.

– The above post and photos were contributed by Morgan Rising, one of ISA High School‘s featured bloggers. Morgan studied and volunteered abroad in Heredia, Costa Rica with ISA High School in 2015. While abroad, Morgan had the chance to take Spanish classes for college credit as well as volunteer her time to help a community in need.

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