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The Road to Pompeii

Boys' Pompeii BlogHeat, sun, friends, and a once in a lifetime place. Pompeii gives the people a chance to experience true history like never before felt. Walking the same streets that the citizens of the Great Roman Empire thrived on was extraordinarily memorable. The panoramic views from the top of the ruins made us truly appreciate the beauty of this historic tragedy. We walked through the ruins and even got the chance to walk into some very well preserved buildings.

Pompeii StreetDuring its prime, Pompeii was a city that stressed the importance of politics, where having a politician backing you meant more than anything. Today, the city of Pompeii – now little morethan ruins – still has places that express its respect of politics. Throughout the city, you can find the names of ancient politicians. There is a house where you can still find some political propaganda painted on the outside wall. Further on inside the town, you can find the name of another politician carved into the base of what used to be a marble statue. To be in a place with this much history and culture is incredible.

Our trip to Pompeii was one of the most memorable experiences. The history, culture, and beauty is unparalleled. This is a place that everyone should have the chance to see.

– The above post and photos were contributed by Fernando Young, Michael Cadwalader, and Evan Llewelyn, who studied abroad in 2015 with ISA High School in Sorrento, Italy. While abroad, the program participants traveled as a group to various destinations on the weekends, including Pompeii.Pompeii Pano

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