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Volunteering in La Carpio


Our first week in Costa Rica has been quite an adventure. On Monday, we started volunteering at La Carpio. Each day after volunteering, we would hop on the bus and go to a cultural activity. One day, we went on a coffee tour and learned how coffee is made. Another day, we went to the Artisan Market at San Jose and bought special souvenirs for our families. We truly have learned the ways of Costa Rican culture!

At La Carpio, the children were so happy to see us and shouted, “¡Buenos Dias!” as soon as we walked in. Everyday, we have different projects to choose from, ranging from gardening to flooring, to painting houses, and playing with the kids. Although it’s a lot of hard work and leaves us extremely tired, seeing the children’s smiles makes it all worth it.

– The above post was contributed by Gabriel Alvarez, Sumire Okada, and Nicolette Ragone who volunteered on an ISA High School Global Impact program in Heredia, Costa Rica in 2015. While abroad, students volunteer their time at an impoverished community known as La Carpio, participate in cultural activities to become more acquainted with their host culture, and are exposed to the language and everyday lifestyle by living with local host families. 

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