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Gelato-Making in Sorrento

Money Can’t Buy Happiness… But it Can Buy Gelato!

Gelato1Our ISA Sant’Anna group was fortunate to have a gelato making course during the first week of our program at Bougainvillea, which was a great success! After the instructional lecture from the experienced gelataio (gelato maker), we transitioned into a hands-on learning experience that included the making of two very different kinds of the popular Italian treat.

We started out with the shaving & juicing of the lemons, which we later mixed into a batch of water and sugar. Then, we poured the mixture into the gelato machine, which produced fresh lemon sorbet that we were excited to try. We then went through the same process to make a hazelnut gelato that required milk rather than water, which we all also tried and adored.

After our lesson, we all got to pick two flavors to take with us from the wide range of 78 types. I picked out a mango sorbet and a pineapple sorbet, which were buonissimi! Grazie to Bougainvillea for this great experience.

– The above blog post was contributed by Cali Hall, who studied abroad in Sorrento, Italy with ISA High School in 2015. Students on the three week-long program took courses at the Sant’Anna Institute, participated on fun cultural activities (such as Gelato-making), and traveled on the weekends. Photos contributed by Angelica Bonanno and Elise Castelli.

Sorrento Gelato Blog Post


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