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Photo1 We arrived in Toledo at around 10:00am. Shortly after our arrival, we partook in a tour of old downtown Toledo. On our tour, we visited the painting El Entierro del Señor de Orgaz by El Greco, La Catedral Primada, a bridge, and a synagogue. Following the tour, we had a bit of free time in the city, allowing us to experience the cultural contrasts between the States and Spain.

We rode the bus to the Hotel Beatriz, where we were staying, and unpacked our bagsand enjoyed several hours by the pool. After a meeting with the leaders, we ended the day with time in the city for dinner and shopping before returning to our rooms. Our time in Toledo was an enjoyable, cultural, and educational experience for everyone. – Emma, Gwyneth, Avery, and Clark (Sevilla, Spain)

I had seen pictures of the old Spanish capital of Toledo before, but I never truly appreciated its beauty until we reached the mountains where El Greco painted his famous picture of the city.

Photo2The view allowed us to see everything from the moat around the city, to the Cathedral and the castle that tower over the rest of the buildings. As the fourth largest cathedral in the world, El Catedral de Toledo towers over every other modern building in the city. It was amazing to see how such an old building could still stand above everything else that has come after it.

Although we only spent a day in Toledo, I’m still amazed by the amount of history in one city. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to explore the city of Toledo and see as much of the culture as I did. – Matthew Guarino (Granada, Spain)Photo3

– The above students studied abroad with ISA High School in Sevilla and Granada in 2015. All ISA-HS programs in Spain start with an excursion in Madrid and Toledo.

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