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Weekend Adventures in Spain

Eden Dalia Shemuelian - Plaza de torosRonda, Spain

[On one of our weekend excursions] we went to a small city in the South of Spain called Ronda. Ronda was absolutely stunning. We got there at around noon and had a few hours exploring the city. Our tour guide showed us around different beautiful sites. We saw the new and the old bridge, and I was amazed at how grand they were! The style of the homes and buildings were so pretty – they were mostly white and antique, and it really reminded me of Greece. I loved Ronda because virtually anywhere you go, you are surrounded by an amazing scenery. 

One of my favorite parts was visiting the Arabic baths. It was really rustic and interesting. I also loved visiting the bull ring. It amazes me how long these places withstand. There is so much culture and history behind this city, and I’m glad we had the chance to visit Ronda. – Eden Shemuelian (Granada, Spain)

image1     Aveiro, Portugal

This weekend we took a trip to Aveiro, Portugal. Stepping off the bus you can smell the refreshing breeze from the sea. We stayed at the Hotel Imperial which was a nice hotel, and our room was on the fifth floor with a gorgeous view of the city. We had some time to explore the city, but we decided to just have lunch and rest in our rooms. Since it was the 4th of July we decided to “Go American” and eat some really good burgers with ham, cheese, and mix of mayonnaise and ketchup. After lunch, the group took a gondola ride and we were able to see the city from a different perspective (and have a chance to get some really good pictures!).image3

The next day we went to the beach which was really beautiful, but the water was really cold (I could swear you could see pieces of ice floating at times). We spent some of our time digging holes and burying people, and unfortunately, I was one of the unlucky ones to be buried. For lunch we went a seaside restaurant, before returning to the beach to play soccer, have races, and even froze in the water. We had a great time and I feel that our group got closer as friends. – Kyle Stanley and Kyle Wells (Salamanca, Spain)

– The above posts were contributed by students who studied abroad in 2015 in different cities in Spain with ISA High School. Students have the chance to travel throughout their region while they are abroad on weekend excursions.

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