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Adjusting to Italy

Sorrento 1We were apprehensive about coming to Sorrento for the first time because it is a small town. Coming from a big city like Houston, we were worried there wouldn’t be much to do. However, though it is a small city, it is full of life and adventure! Our meeting place, Tasso Square, is constantly filled with people wanting to see the beautiful view of the sea and dining at one of the many restaurants. After class is dismissed we spend our time either at the beach, playing games in the water, or strolling around town, visiting the many local shops.

We have even made friends with Sorrento natives who are studying English at Sant’Anna Institute. It is fun to hang out with people who not only know their way around but also speak another language. We can practice our Italian with them and vice versa. Even though we have only been here a short amount of time, we can tell that we won’t get bored.

One of our biggest concerns coming here was our living situation. Since we are living with a stranger for three weeks, we feared that there would be a difficult language barrier between us and our host family.Group First Night However, our host mother is able to communicate with us well and has made us feel right at home.

Being that we had never practiced Italian before, it was nerve-wracking to start class. Once the teacher began class she only spoke to us in Italian. However, she did a good job of making sure we caught on to what she what saying. After only three days of class we are already comfortable enough to speak Italian in small phrases every day!

All-in-all, after a few days, all of our fears of beginning this journey have been diminished. Sorrento, Italy has exceeded all expectations!

– The above post was contributed by Morgan Rogers and Erin Neville, who are currently studying abroad with ISA High School in Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento Pano


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