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A Favorite Weekend Excursion

M Blog 1[One of the weekend] excursions was to Gibraltar and Cadiz. We all met at 7:30 on Saturday morning to start our drive! Our first stop was in Gibraltar, a British protectorate/ territory. We went through customs and walked through the door to practically a new country. Other than a red telephone booth here and there (and the accents), it was hard to believe that we had crossed the boarder into a different country.

I thought it was so cool how the rock [of Gibraltar] was used during the world wars as a base. You can actually see the holes where cannons were put by British soldiers. We all loaded into a van and started driving to the higher parts of the area with the better viewpoints. The town itself is extremely interesting because it was a medieval town, so they streets are narrow and there are many aspects of medieval architecture and old churches throughout the rock.

M Green Blog 3We went to a large cave, called St. Michael’s Cave, which is the center of many legends and was once thought to be bottomless. It was interesting to see the stalagmites and how the main part of the cavern had been converted into an auditorium. Outside the cave and along the viewpoints were monkeys everywhere, including nursing mothers with their babies hanging from them. It was amazing to see these animals, whose ancestors came from Africa long ago!

We stopped for lunch in the main square. The island was truly beautiful and you could see the tip of North Africa from the viewpoints. After the rock, we made or way to Cadiz where we explored the town and walked down the crowded beach after checking into our hotel. Compared to the heat that we had experienced in Seville, the breeze of the ocean was amazing.

Sunday morning we walked to a tower where we could get a live 360 panorama of the city! It was extremely beautiful and we got to learn more and more about old and new Cadiz and the history of some of the buildings. For the rest of the day, we spend time at the beach and in the water.

– The above blog post was contributed by Melanie Green who studied abroad with ISA High School in 2015 in Sevilla, Spain. Melanie visited Gibraltar and Cadiz on a weekend excursion with her program during  her time abroad.

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