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Photographs of Paris Part 1

The Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower Photo 1As anyone who dreams of visiting Paris, I was ecstatic to visit the tall, majestic Eiffel Tower. Although the crowdedness and the brevity of our stay somewhat tainted the experience, I was overwhelmed by how surreal it felt to at last be in a site that I have seen countless times in movies and postcards; the very epitome of France, travel, and romance itself. And boy, does it photograph well.

Street Art in France

Although I do not have many pictures of the thousands of illustrations crafted around Paris, I—as an art aficionado–would like to applaud those artists who so skillfully decorate the city (even though a great deal of the time it irritates others). I felt the street art in Paris is a wonderful attribute in that it enhances a certain ambience, giving the city a creative and passionately loud voice that declares its individuality and spirit. It is what makes Paris, Paris.

The Louvre Museum

If you are a huge fan of Da Vinci, Praxiteles, Jacques-Louis David, Michelangelo, or any other artists of the classical variety, then congratulations you will have hit the jackpot with the Louvre art museum. In this seemingly endless exhibition of all the pieces you have probably seen in pictures, you will experience not only the wide range of classics (including the Mona Lisa, a piece which, in my opinion, is highly overrated) but you also get to feel like a highly-cultured, sophisticated snob when you tell your friends what you saw. You can’t go wrong here.

Wendoly Espitia - Merry Go Round– The above blog post was contributed by Wendoly Espitia, who studied abroad with ISA High School in 2015. Her program visited Paris during the first few days in France on an excursion, before traveling to Aix-en-Provence as a group where they take classes for college credit while living with host families. Check back on September 30th for the second half of this two-part blog post.

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