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Art in Marseille

L Payette

Photo by Léa Payette, MuCEM. (2015)

MuCEM, the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilizations (Musée des civilisations de l’Europe et de la Méditerranée), is located in the city of Marseille in Southern France. We visited the museum as well as various other landmarks and historical sites such as the church Notre Dame de la Garde [on our program excursion to Marseille]. Museums are made for displaying pieces of art, but never had I thought they could be art themselves.

Designed by architects Rudy Riccotti and Roland Carta, MuCEM’s unique, modern, and minimalistic appearance draws visitors before they even know of the exhibits inside. The picture above is a view from the outside stairs of MuCEM facing the Mediterranean Sea. Countless artists have been inspired by the sea and there we were sitting on the stairs of an artful building, surrounded by art created by nature and the mind alike.

– The above blog post was contributed by Léa Payette, who studied abroad with ISA High School in Aix-en-Provence, France during the summer of 2015. The program visits MuCEM during a day-long excursion in Marseille. Keep checking back for more updates on the 2015 summer programs in France!

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