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Experiences in Peru

Clara Blog 2

First Full Week in Cusco

Joseph week 2 blog_2Era una semana increíble. Cada mañana iba a mis clase y después podía ver la ciudad de Cusco en maneras diferentes. Martes por la noche, fuimos a un restaurante, donde escuchamos al conjunto de Pachamama y miramos los bailes de Perú. Una bailarina me eligió, entonces tuve que bailar con fuego.

[It has been an amazing week. Every morning I go to class, and then in the afternoon we learn about the city of Cusco in different ways [through cultural activities]. On Tuesday night, we went to a restaurant where we listened to and watched a Peruvian dance. I was chosen to participate by a dancer.] – Joseph Allen

Wow, this week was full of sights! We saw the ruins of Sacsayhuaman, which had incredibly large boulders. The most impressive thing about these ruins to me, is that they are still standing, and that the rocks fit together so perfectly. I am very interested in Incan history apparently (in particular their engineering feats). I also visited saint Pedro’s market several times this week, and bought what is going to be my favorite sweater. At mealtimes I got to know some Peruvian cuisine, and tried guinea pig for the fist time (I liked it!). I also got an idea of Peruvian dances and music, as well as continuing to get used to the culture, and day-to-day expectations. This week was a great week, and it helped me get to know Peru even more; so far, I like it. – Ethan Hoggard

SacsayhuamanClara Blog 3

El próximo día fuimos a Sacsayhuamán donde vimos los templos de las Inca en “la cabeza de la Puma”. Nuestro guía era muy interesante y a él le gustan las piedras mucho. Pudimos ver todo de Cusco.

[The next day we went to Sacsayhuaman (a fortified Incan complex on the outskirts of Cusco) where we saw the Incan temples. Our guide was very interesting because he finds the stones fascinating. From there, we could see all of Cusco.] – Joseph Allen

Clara Blog 1Machu Picchu

This past week may have been the greatest weeks I’ve had in a while. We did so many fun activities and went to such cool places. For example, we went to an awesome museum, and got to go to Machu Picchu! Machu Picchu was so beautiful, and such an awesome experience. On our hike to Machu Picchu we saw llamas and got to pet them and of course take pictures. I feel so grateful to be apart of the ISA family, because like I said before everyone here is so friendly and welcoming. – Clara Fassinger

– The above blog post was contributed by Joseph Allen, Ethan Hoggard and Clara Fassinger, studied abroad with ISA High School in Cusco, Peru in 2015.

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