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Host Family Relationships in Sevilla, Spain

Grace Last BlogWhen we got to Sevilla, our host families were waiting for us. When my name was called I gathered my luggage and greeted my host mother. I was worried beforehand that it would be awkward between us, but right away I felt a connection with her. She leaned in and greeted me in the usual Spanish way, one kiss on each cheek. She immediately began asking me a lot of questions in order for her to get to know me better.

We walked to her apartment in the neighborhood of Triana; along the way we passed many beautiful churches, statues, and fountains. When we arrived to the apartment, she showed me and my roommate around the various rooms- and we each have our own bedroom! She prepared us a delicious meal for dinner which included croquettes, salad, and an empanada. After dinner she took us for a walk along the river in order to show us the most beautiful parts of Sevilla. It was an exhausting day but having a kind, understanding host mother has made the transition easy.

– The above photo and blog were contributed by Grace Last, an ISA High School student who studied abroad in 2015 in Sevilla, Spain. While in their host cities, each ISA High School student studying in Spain lives with a host family to help improve their Spanish language skills and understanding of Spanish culture.

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