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Sacred Valley

V Susylo 1Moray-un lugar con mucha historia. Esta ruina Inca tiene mucha importancia para los indígenas que han vivido aquí, ya que este sitio fue utilizado para hacer muchas cosas importantes. Entre algunas, Moray fue utilizado para conservar comida y hacer fuego. Pero lo mas importante de este lugar es que fueun templo religioso. Muchos de los indígenas miraran al cielo para ver su dios.

[Moray- a place with rich history. These Incan ruins hold a lot of importance for the indigenous who have lived here, for this site has been utilized for many things of importance. Moray has been used  to   conserve food and to make fire. Still, one of the most important aspects of this place was its religious temple. Many of the indigenous will look up at the sky today, to see their god.]

V S 3Entre las montañas de Ollantaytambo con una vista magnífica.

[Between the mountains of Ollantaytambo, with a magnificent view]

V S 2

Aldo del rio mirando al cielo con las llamas.

[Aldo of the river, looking at the sky with the Llamas]

– The above post was contributed by Victor Suszylo, who studied abroad with ISA High School in Cusco, Peru in 2015. Victor was an ISA High School Featured Blogger, and was awarded the Social Media Scholarship.

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