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Reflections on the First Days in Spain

During the first few days of every ISA High School program in Spain, students have the opportunity to tour and learn about the famous cities of Madrid and Toledo. In the following blog, students who will be studying in Salamanca, Spain reflect on the start to their program.

Grant & Wesley

Madrid- Day One and Two

When we first arrived in Madrid on Friday the city’s busy cramped streets and hectic roundabouts were seemingly impossible to navigate. The first day we got lost on multiple occasions while staying relatively close to the hotel.

The next day, we took an early walk in the park because we woke up at 4:30 due to jet lag. Later, we went on a tour of the city during which we saw several statutes, numerous churches, and a seemingly endless number of paintings. We then wondered the city, had lunch in a small pub and retired to our hotel rooms for siesta, our favorite part of Spanish culture.  The time we spent in Madrid was full of fun. – Ryan Berrigan and Matthew Musalli

Madrid was an amazing and eye opening experience that allowed us to explore the beautiful scenery and important cultural aspects of Spain.  Some of our favorite areas of the city include the Plaza Mayor, Parque del Retiro, and the amazing Puerta del Sol.

At these places, we became closer to our traveling companions and friends in addition to learning new things about the city´s cultural features.  From adventurously attempting to row boats with our new friends to trying out churros y chocolate in the square, Madrid allowed us to try new experiences that we loved! – Lily Ahrabi and Isabelle Hornung

Toledo- Day Three

Grant & Wesley 6Toledo was an amazing experience during which we became closer to our travel mates. The historical and religious aspects of the antique town were very interesting and were [enjoyed] by all. One of the best parts [of the excursion] was growing closer to our fellow adventurers who were strangers when we embarked on our expedition to lands unknown.

The view over the breathtaking, enticing city was astoundingly pulchritudinous. The group [made a stop during the city bus tour] to capture the panoramic view of the magnanimous metropolitan. – Grant Huettel and Wesley DeMarco

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