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Observations in Paris, France

Today our group went to the Eiffel Tower, but instead I’ve decided to highlight the part of Paris that’s not on every postcard.

L Payette

Photos by Léa Payette of anonymous street art from the 5th arr. of Paris, France. “Love Me” taken at Pont d’léna next to the Seine River. All credit to the “A Love You” poster goes to the movie “A Love You.”

It’s a commonly known that Paris is the city of love, but before getting to walk in the streets of the city itself I had always just assumed it was true instead of actually experiencing it like I did today. Walking through Paris you feel the city’s love for itself. The graffiti, or “street art” as I prefer to call it, speaks for itself and breaks through the malice that come with every big city in the world. Yet, unlike every city in the world, Paris is full of love whether you are or not.

– The above blog post was contributed by Léa Payette, an ISA-HS Featured Blogger (and Social Media Scholarship winner), who studied abroad with ISA High School in France. Students spend the first few days of their program exploring Paris before traveling to Aix-en-Provence where they live and take classes.

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