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Sevilla, Spain Group in Cadiz

The excursion to Gibraltar and Cadiz is a two day long trip for the students. Students experience Gibraltar during the first day, and then head to Cadiz to stay the night and enjoy the city on Sunday before returning to Sevilla. In today’s blog post, Grace Wolfe, Grace Geib and Asher Curnutte reflect on the second portion of their excursion, and how it feels to return to a foreign city that is starting to feel like home.

A Curnutte BLOG 2.5

Only about an hour bus ride away from Cadiz, we arrived in Cadiz. We drove through the small city and could not wait to go to the beach. When we went to beach it was packed with people. The water was a sea foam green and a bit chilly. We went into the sea and played in the waves. We later went to a small restaurant for dinner then went back to the hotel. – Grace Wolfe

A Curnutte Blog 2.0The next morning, we got up and had breakfast. We then traveled to a tower and got a virtual tour of the city using some really interesting technology that I had never seen before. Then we climbed up stairs to the top of the tower. The view was breathtaking, and you could see everything in the city. Late , we walked back to the beach and hung out there for a while before going to lunch. Lunch was great. We spent our last couple of hours on the beach again before we had to return to the hotel. We all went to get ice cream while we waited for the bus to come. It was a great weekend, and I’m looking forward to another awesome week in Sevilla! – Grace Geib

A Curnutte 2.1As all good things do, the weekend had to come to an end, and so we left Sunday afternoon for Sevilla. Upon arrival back into the city, I realized how nice is was to be ‘home’.

The last event of the fun weekend was a bullfight, in Sevilla’s Plaza de Los Toros. The fight was a very interesting experience, it was very classical and cultural. The fans were all respectful of both the matador and the life of the bull. – Asher Curnutte

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