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Excursion to Gibraltar

First Week in Sevilla

A Curnutte Blog Photo1During the first week in Sevilla, students get to know their host families, participate in cultural activities, and take classes at the Menéndez Pelayo International University (UIMP) at the ISA Sevilla Study Center. During the first weekend of the Sevilla 1 program, they travel to Gibraltar and Cadiz on a weekend excursion. Below, Asher Curnutte, Grace Geib, and Grace Wolfe describe some of their experiences during their first full week in Sevilla!

This week was amazing, we had a nice week in Sevilla, we ate tapas in the city. We also saw Las Setas which is the largest structure in the world made of wood. Highlights also included a trip to the Alcazar, and the cathedral of the city. Both were beautiful. – Asher Curnutte

Gibraltar Excursion

We started the excursion early on Saturday morning. It was definitely a struggle waking up that early and everyone was really tired. Most of us slept on the bus ride to Gibraltar which was about 2 hours away from Sevilla. We got to Gibraltar and had to cross the border using our passports because it is an English colony. Most people there speak both Spanish and English.

G Geib Blog Photo 2We then met up with our tour guide and did a bus tour around the city. The city and the ocean are gorgeous; at one point, we could look across the bay and see Morocco in North Africa! We traveled up the huge rock of Gibraltar to see the native monkeys. The guide told us to make sure our bags were closed because apparently the monkeys will take things right out of them. Luckily, we didn’t have any problems with that. The monkeys were really cute, and I was surprised by how comfortable they were with humans because we could get really close to them. We even saw a few mothers feeding their babies, which was really cool! – Grace Geib

A Curnutte Blog Photo2After arriving in Gibraltar, we took a bus ride up the Rock of Gibraltar- what an amazing view! As we ascended up, we drove by apes that live on the mountain. We saw young monkeys all the way to an alpha monkey. They seemed friendly, but we were careful to not let their looks deceive us, because they will rob you of your belongings you are holding or carrying. After tons of selfies with the apes, we went inside a small cave inside the rock, St. Michael’s Cave (the other entrances/caves in the rock were not open to the public and used for the military).

The cave had different color changing lights shining on the cave’s exotic rock formations. We came out of the cave and headed down the rock into the main square of Gibraltar. The square consisted of small British like restaurants (other types of restaurants too) and small shops. My friends and I ate lunch and tried fish and and chips along with a mixed variety of foods. After lunch, we headed to Cadiz. – Grace Wolfe

G Geib Blog Photo 4G Geib Blog Photo 3G Geib Blog Photo 1

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