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La Moda de España

Spain, like most European countries, is very advanced in fashion. Most people go out dressed nice for the most casual of occasions. Men walk on the streets in suits, and in the morning they drive by on Vespas and motorcycles to get to work. Women brave the cobblestoned streets in heels. Teenagers’ fashion ranges from all black to bright colors- but either way, the top matches the bottom and everything looks very put together. Color combinations are very well done here, while I sometimes feel that in the U.S., most people don’t know how to match their clothes.

In the U.S. most teenagers wear t-shirts with shorts teenagers in Spain rarely wear that on the streets. In Spain there is more variety with women wearing long skirts, loose printed pants, and other cute pieces. Sometimes these pants come in a business type fashion and sometimes these pants are more casual like palazzo and indian tie pants. The Spanish seem to wear a lot of accessories that help bring their outfit together. Their handbags match whatever they wear, while their shoes add to the elegance of it all. When women go to church they wear classy looking clothes or dresses and the men look good as well. Swimsuits are colorful and are bought in stores such as Calzedonia. These fun, exciting prints makes summer so much more memorable.

Sevilla Language Exchange

ISA-HS students participating on a language exchange in Sevilla. (2014)

The above post was contributed by Jilia Tremont and Megan Rodriguez, who went abroad to Sevilla, Spain in 2014 with a group from their school. Are you interested in going abroad with other students from your school? Sign up for an independent program with your friends, or have your teacher contact ISA High School for more information about having an ISA-HS representative do an informational presentation or designing their very own customized program!

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