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Arrival in Madrid

The below blog post was contributed by Natalie Turton, Weyman Cohen, and Cole Campbell– three students studying abroad with ISA High School in Sevilla, Spain! Together, they describe their experience on their first day in Spain, and the city of Madrid.

Cami Marks NH Zurbano

Photo by Camden Marks.

“The total flight time for me to Madrid was 9 hours and was my first time ever on a plane—and I was by myself! When I landed, I met up with the ISA HS Staff.” – Natalie Turton

“We drove to the hotel from the airport, and one of the other students from the program mentioned the scenery closely resembled West Texas.  I saw many rabbits just eating grass on the side of the road, and later learned that España means land of rabbits. Soon the whole group of 17 of us were together in Hotel NH Zurbano, Madrid.” – Weyman Cohen

Cami Marks Madrid

Photo by Camden Marks.

“My first day walking around Madrid was very interesting. The entire city was beautiful…we were able to walk around the area for a few hours and see many shops and tapas bars that served small Spanish dishes. Later on we took a bus tour of the surrounding area before we got to tour the city the next day. The rest of the evening was mostly dedicated to walking around the neighborhood.” – Cole Campbell

Tomorrow’s blog will feature other students describing their experiences during their second day in Madrid. Check back to learn more about our high school students’ adventures in Spain!

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