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Exploring a Market in Costa Rica


Students live and study in Heredia while participating on the Costa Rica Program.

The San Jose market was an amazing experience that allowed me to get a feel of the Costa Rican culture while also bringing it back to my family in the form of souvenirs. I bought beautiful hand-made jewelry for my mom and intricate Boruca masks to hang on my wall at home.

The vendors were very talented and proud of their work as they welcomed us into their individual stands and showed us their masterpieces. We would bargain for a fair price with the vendors and everything ended up being fairly inexpensive. I found it difficult to decide which items I wanted to buy and which items I could do without; everything was so beautiful and unique.

After about an hour of shopping I had my hands full with new clothes and trinkets and even a portable hammock, but I still wasn’t ready to leave! It was an amazing experience and I can’t wait to bring home all my new Costa Rican treasures.

– The above post was contributed by Kinsey Fisher who participated on an ISA-HS study abroad program to Heredia, Costa Rica in 2014.

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