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ISA High School Featured Blogger: Léa Payette

Meet Léa, one of ISA High School’s featured bloggers, and winner of a Social Media Scholarship. Léa will be studying abroad with ISA High School this summer in Aix-en-Provence, France. Keep up with the ISA-HS blog to read more about Léa’s adventures abroad!

My name is Léa Payette and I am from Rosemount, Minnesota. This past year my cheerleading team traveled to Florida to compete in Nationals against other high schools from around the country.  When cheer isn’t in season I run hurdles in track and compete in a business simulation program called DECA. My family is French Canadian and I grew up speaking French. Because I have lived in America since I was born I always went to school in English, I never learned to write in French and obviously that grew to be a slight problem because it felt like I didn’t really fully know my Georgia Brabec Blog Photonative language. I chose to go to Aix-en Provence in France this summer to become grammatically educated in the French language as well as culturally immersed. Other than being the experience of a lifetime, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to discover if France really is like in the movies and I will have a baguette in my hand at all times.

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